What inspired you to become a police officer in the USA, and how has your journey been so far?

What specific challenges have you faced as a minority woman serving in the police force, and how have you overcome them to become an inspiration for others?

How does your experience as a family-oriented individual impact your work-life balance as a police officer, and what support systems do you find helpful in managing both aspects effectively?

How do you navigate the cultural expectations and responsibilities within your family while maintaining a demanding career as a police officer?

How does your experience as a Korean woman police officer in the USA differ from your expectations before joining the force, and what aspects have you found most challenging and rewarding?

What support and resources have you found beneficial in overcoming potential barriers related to language or cultural nuances in your interactions with both colleagues and the public?

Can you share a memorable experience or a heartwarming moment you’ve had while serving as a Korean woman police officer in the USA?

What kind of support and camaraderie have you found among your fellow Korean women police officers or within the wider law enforcement community?

As a Korean woman in law enforcement, do you feel that your unique background has positively impacted your interactions with diverse communities in the USA? If so, could you share an example?