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Mom & I.

Mom & I Magazine began publication in 1999 as the first and only Korean-American magazine with the simple idea of telling Korean-American families what was happening for kids in their own community. We utilized the knowledge base of moms and dads, healthcare professionals, educators, and experts in music, art, sports, childcare, and much more.

M +CREATIVE is a professional multi-media production company. Our production capabilities are exceptional in both range and quality. We will help you bring to life your own unique ideas for your business and to connect to your customers. We also specialize children educational contents including ebooks, video contents, and many more playful products


맘앤아이를 만나실 수 있는 곳


Alpine   Kiku Restaurant

Bergenfield   한양마트

Closter   무지개 잔치집, CGI Fitness, 가든식품, 우리은행

Edgewater   한아름, 김치갑통증치료과, 한인동포회관

Englewood Cliffs   한아름, 그린하우스, 에이스여행사, 에버그린소와과, 포트리안경, 우리은행, 나라은행, 포트리플라자, 샐리킴스킨케어, EMI, 한양마트, 무지개유치원, Tea Bar

Hackensack   한아름, 한양마트, 아이스하우스, Lee Perla, 코펠만, Annalee Chiropractic Care, P.C.

Northvale   우리마켓

Palisades Park   뉴크리스찬아카데미, 오보에스튜디오, 키디칼리지, 제일유치원, 우리은행, 클리어레이저스킨클리닉, 한남체인

Paramus   Kiku Restaurant, BounceU of Paramus

Ridgefield   한양마트, 한아름


Manhattan   한아름, 홈앤홈


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